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Ely and Olan 2 Scandal, Iloilo Scandal 2, Makapal Buhok Scandal, Madonna Blow Job Scandal,
Holy Spirit Scandal, San Beda Alabang Scandal, San Sebastian Scandal, Jacquie Estevez Scandal, Fil-Am Scandal, Prom Night Scandal

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Ely and Olan 2 Scandal - Cellphone camera capture from a bf-gf sexual encounter. This video was shot from a motel as can be seen in the pillow (standard motel pillow cover). The expression on girl's face sez it all. Iloilo Scandal 2 - Obviously from a couple who lives in Iloilo. The girl in the video is extremely pretty. What a lucky dude!
Makapal Buhok Scandal - The name was taken from the guy's expression who said "makapal buhok" - the guy was referring to the girl's thick bushes down below - which he also took a video of.

Madonna Blow Job Scandal - Another exception to our Scandal List. Ever wonder how Madonna, the famous singer gives head? See for yourself - she deep throats and then swallows!
Holy Spirit Scandal - This is creating quite a buzz in the Philippines, and is one of the sought after scandal lately. Not sure though if the Holy Spirit pertains to the all-girls school in Mendiola, or the name of the street where the deed took place. A Very hot Video, first a long BJ, then the fucking, with the man cumming inside. San Beda Alabang Scandal - An Elite School down south shows behaviour doesn't change when the libido takes over. And so, here is a stolen video capture of a girl who has just finished her P.E Class.

San Sebastian Scandal - Another elite school based in Mendiola, which as per the video shows a not so convervative student population.

Jacquie Estevez Scandal - Jacquie is a member of the famous Sex Bomb Dancer, they say its her in the video doing a doggie - Anyway and as always you'll be the judge. Is it her or ?

Fil-Am Scandal - A Filipino - American Couple video taping their deed. The girl even sez Hi!, in that distinct american twang.

Prom Night Scandal - A group of ladies getting ready for their prom getting video taped by their co-room mates. Well now we know how ladies ready themselves for the fucking afterwards

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