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Velez Sex Scandal, Ruffa and Jessica Scandal, Ooohhhh My Scandal, Zza Zza Pussy Peek, GF Seduction Scandal, Tang Ina DSL Yan ( TIDY Scandal), Medical Secretary Scandal, Holy Angel University Scandal, English Teacher Scandal, Yan ang Suso Scandal

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Ruffa and Jessica Scandal - Ruffa is a former runner up in the Miss World Contest and Jessica is a former actress, talent manager. They are best of friends - the photos shows them in their younger and carefree days. Ruffa is now married to Foreigner who is a business magnate in his country, while Jessica is married to a American businessman. They both turned out okay.

Ooohhhh My Scandal - The title was taken from the girl's moaning. Another stolen video clip for your viewing pleasure.

Zza Zza Pussy Peek - She is a famous singer in the Philippines. This photo was taken way back before, the photo speak for itself. Guess another mouth wants to sing also.

GF Seduction Scandal - A guy filming his GF do some dirty dancing,stripping and then playing with herself. Its quite an effort he could do the filming without him joining his GF in the act. Well we know what happens next.

Tang Ina DSL Yan ( TIDY Scandal) - a recorded phone conversation between a customer and a customer service representative. Talks about the complaints that subscribers has to an oversubscribed service - cant help but hurl expletives and if your the CSR you just have to accept it or find another job. Medical Secretary Scandal (complete version- what was initially posted was 1 part of a 4 parts file)- On your visit to your doctor - look and see if its her. A full bosom secretary - she is even concerned about her face being splattered all over - well she's right coz she's now on Pinay Scandal.

Holy Angel University Scandal - Another sexual bout of students from the University located north of Manila. The story sez that the school has barred her re-enrollement for next semerster's classes.

English Teacher Scandal - The guy is obviously her teacher, he's old while she's young. He's talking to her pussy, while she's holding his mike. Its another subject in her english class - proper intonation.

Yan ang Suso Scandal (Translate to "Boobs Scandal"), a pretty girl with the right height, big boobs, and pretty - a real beauty ! - But of course in the end they do the blowjob like any one else and gets pounded from behind.

Velez Sex Scandal - Another Cellphone Cam Video Recording about a girl wearing a skimpy red panty, The girl at first does a handjob, then a blowjob, then gets fuck missionary style. Oh yes, the panty is removed to reveal a shaved pussy.

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