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Yeah Yeah Scandal, Diane of Tuguegarao Scandal, Via Escort Girl Scandal, Cabuyao Scandal (aka Teacher - Student Scandal), antonella Barba - American Idol Scandal, Two in One Scandal, CDR King Scandal, Cagayan Bulua Scandal, Kim Kardashian Scandal Full Clip, St Agustine Academy Scandal

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Yeah Yeah Scandal - A overly active girl in getting fucked. Boy she's a screamer and a worker at that. These are what sexual dreams are made of. Diane of Tuguegarao (City) Scandal - Apparantly coming from the beautiful city of Tuguegarao. What can we say, they are at par with the scandals at Manila.
Via Escort Girl Scandal - we are not sure but we suspect that the girl is auditioning for an escort girl job. the man's voice is quite familiar and if you have had time to view all the videos here, you'll hear that voice again. Cabuyao Scandal (aka Teacher - Student Scandal) - this is the hottest scandal Pinay Scandal right now (Mar. 2007). This video was videotaped by the teacher for evidence - it became an evidence alright - evidence for his expulsion. It was even featured in two famous news programs.

Antonella Barba - American Idol Scandal - well its bound to happen, a famous program like the American Idol has to have its share of porn intrigue. This time its a top 12 finalist, whose shown here grabbing a different mike.

Two in One Scandal - a rarity in the Philippines, a pinay agreeing to a 2 in 1 session (2 guys one girl).

CDR King Scandal - the couple in he video allegedly works for CDR King - a store - chain that mostly sells CDr and DVDs.

Cagayan Bulua Scandal - Coming from a couple who hails from the same place. One of the best amateur video we have seen.

Kim Kardashian Scandal Full Clip- Finally the full tape is here. Kim is shown here with Brandy's brother the rapper  Ray J. In case you do not know Kim, she is the daughter of the lawyer that handled O.J Simpson's case and she is also a close friend of Paris Hilton.

St. Agustine Academy Scandal - a short clip showing a girl blowing a man. The couple is said to be going to school at St. Agustine.

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