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Katrina Halili Scandal,OFW Scandal,Gapan Scandal,Househelper Scandal,Holy Cross of Davao College Scandal,Sarah UE Dance Troop Scandal,New Video Shoot Scandal,GF is Drunk Scandal,Mutya ng Balanga Scandal,Putri Scandal

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OFW Scandal - Ofw means Overseas Filipino Workers, just like anyone else - we all long for physical contact. A girlfriend find a way how to relay to her OFW boyfriend how she misses him, by sending him a teasing video. Gapan Scandal - A sexual exploit of a young man who secretly filmed this video with his friend hiding inside the closet. Well we truly hope that he has a good explanation now that the video is circulated in the internet.
Katrina Halili Scandal - this is one of the pictures in a photo shoot involving the Phil-FHM no. 1 ranked girl for 2006 - well it shows - how it looks like "down there". Househelper Scandal - Everybody knows that the Philippines is famous in sending  abroad domestic helpers (maid, househelpers). Some are really hot and pretty that you cannot resist them. But you gotta be quick coz the real masters (wife) of the house is on the prowl. So what happens is just like this video - quick and short.

Holy Cross of Davao College Scandal - A hot video showing a couple who allegedly came from that famous university in Davao.

Sarah UE Dance Troop Scandal - The lady in the Video allegedly belongs to the famous dance club of UE. She really does make good use of her thespian skills.

New Video Shoot Scandal - The story about this video is a little vague. Pieces of the story just sez that its a new video (Feb 07) shot by the couple for their personal collection only to expose it as the cellphone was said to have been repaired in Ghills.

GF is Drunk Scandal -what do you do a girlfriend who's drunk and in her undies. Her naughty boyfriend shows us how!

Mutya ng Balanga Scandal - Allegedly a recent participant to a famous beauty contest in the Philippines. Shown here with her boyfriend, she must be practicing her blowing talents.

Putri Scandal - we are at a lost on how the video got its name. What we are sure of however is that it is a very hot video. See for yourself.

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