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Boys Night Out Scandal 2,Ruffa Guiterrez Alleged Sex Scandal Video,OFW Scandal II,Blue -Escort Girl Scandal,Lei Ochoa Scandal,Maui Taylor Radio Scandal,Closet Scandal,Eda Nolan Scandal,Gretchen Barretto - John Estrada Scandal,Annabelle Rama Scandal|

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OFW Scandal II - A girlfriend of an Overseas Filipino Worker does a mean teasing video. As usual it goes live in the Internet. Another OFW Scandal can be seen here and here.

Closet Scandal - This scandal was named after the position of the cameraman. He was hiding in the closet and was taping his boarders dress up after taking a bath.
Blue -Escort Girl Scandal - this is the most famous scandal involving an escort girl. She was a former KTV girl at HeartBeat KTV who goes by the name of Sheena. Where is she now? (very hot video ! ) Eda Nolan Scandal - She's a TV Star in the Philippines. This clip is from an episode of Wowowee (a very popular noontime show), which caused it to be suspended for 3 days by the MTRCB (censor board). The clip allegedly shows a "boob" slip by Eda Nolan.

Lei Ochoa Scandal - Story about this video is vague - all we know that it came with the name Lei Ochoa. Also, the girl in the video knows that she is being filmed, she keeps on looking at the ceiling and trying to hide hard not to expose her face

Boys Night Out Scandal 2 - a group of friends is on a sex trip. This clip shows a sexual encounter that has many men in the audience. This is a Live Show.

Maui Taylor Radio Scandal - Maui a famous actress in the Philippines,  is a guest DJ in Mo Twister's radio program. We think they are playing a sexy game that makes Maui lose her top.

Gretchen Barretto - John Estrada Scandal - She is a very beautiful Phil. actress married (?) to a very rich businessman (by rich we mean - he cannot spend all his money even if he wants to- the money just wont run out) and the guy is an actor. They had their smooching photographed.

Ruffa Guiterrez Alleged Sex Scandal Video - this is one old video we are bringing it back coz Ruffa is in the headlines again. Anyway the story is that the guy in the video is supposed to be a royal figure (sultan, king, etc). Another Ruffa Scandal is here. Ruffa was a little wild in her younger days.

Annabelle Rama Scandal - This is not really a scandal by today's standards. But back then it is. Annabelle Rama is the feisty mother of Ruffa Guieterrez. Annabelle's pics is a lot hotter than what Ruffa is showing today or at her peak.

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