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Adamson University Scandal,OFW Scandal III,Days Hotel Scandal,Beyonce Flashes Boobs Scandal,Jeepney Scandal,Davao Central HS Scandal,Cabuyao Scandal 2,Bukid Scandal,Vanessa Hudgens Scandal Pics,Angel Locsin Bareback Photo

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OFW Scandal III - Another self video taken by a girl friend of an Overseas Filipina Worker (OFW). The girl is very pretty. Days Hotel Scandal- Days Hotel is a famous hotel chain in the Philippines. Apparently this is a fave destination of one man who takes his ladies for his sexual exploits. We could count at least 3 ladies in this video. Unlucky for him that he lost his cellphone and lucky for us.
Adamson University Scandal - Now we have something from Adamson University. Just like their counterpart in other schools this one is pretty hot. Beyonce Flashes Boobs Scandal - although non Filipina, we gotta show her boobies here. Flash at 5 seconds.

Jeepney Scandal  - The jeepney is the primary mode of transportation in the Philippines. Well, perverts do not really choose the place of where and when they strike. The lady that seated across could have been so irresistable that he took this video.

Davao Central HS Scandal - In the province, such as Davao students have a different past times. Having sex, sleeping - perfectly normal. Right? Sorry but you just dont leave your school ID laying around.

Cabuyao Scandal 2 - Somewhere in Cabuyao, a very pretty nurse gets herself pounded by her boyfriend in front of his friends. Talk about bragging rights !

Bukid Scandal - Just to show that wherever you are, once you caught the lust bug, you have to do it, even if you're in a public place. Of course who can resist a lady in red.

Vanessa Hudgens Scandal Pics - Vanessa is a half filipino-half american actress in the U.S. and star of a Disney Production.

Angel Locsin Bareback Photo - Just a rare photo showing a peek of Angel's preferred intimate garment.List of Angel Locsin Scandals is here .

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