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Katrina Halili Alleged Sex Video Scandal,Quickie Sex Scandal,Pink Towel Scandal,My phone Video Shoot Scandal,Japayuki Scandal,ABS-GMA Producer Scandal,Ira Eigenmann Scandal,Ironing Clothes Scandal,Las Pinas KTV Scandal,Riding Scandal

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Katrina Halili Alleged Sex Video Scandal - there is an eager interest for any Katrina Halili Scandal. Can we blame them? She is FHM Phil's No. 1 Babe for two consecutive years. Looking at the video however proved that its a look-alike but an uncanny resemblance. Oh well, better wait for the real thing. The Full video can be watch here Pink Towel Scandal - After sex video. Lady must have exerted a whole lot of effort coz she's starve and raids the fridge. Her man on the other hand, is happy filming her eat some fruits and focuses on her breasts. Hmmm, delicious.
My phone Video Shoot Scandal - We always find the man filming the dirty deed,  but this time its the lady's turn to do it, while the man is very busy fingering her. Japayuki Scandal - a very long video, the woman is well skilled in the sex category. This Video features a long Blow Job Scene.

Alleged ABS-GMA Producer Scandal - We are not sure about the network, but they say that the guy is a TV Producer. Now we know how he audition some of his talents.

Ira Eigenmann Scandal - Most famous scandal at this time (circa:March 08), she is the daughter of a Character Actor and Actress in the Philippines. She currently has a T.V show in ABS-CBN. Her Mother sez that the explicit photos are fake.

Ironing Clothes Scandal - Its very humid in the Philippines, and everyone has a unique way of getting by. This lady is ironing clothes the sexy way - without her top on! What a beautiful sight.

Quickie Sex Scandal - This couple is in a big hurry to have their sexual act over and done with. What they don't know that everything's captured on camera. Smile or moan?

Las Pinas KTV Scandal - Here is a video that shows what happen in a men's KTV Club. Is this a mean lap dance or what?

Riding Scandal - Smooth Ride coming from a lady who obviously knows how to move on top of a man.

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