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San Sebastian Lady Scandal,Honey gives the best BJ Scandal,Massage Therapist ScandalMasturbation Scandal,Ivy School Scandal,Simply the Best Scandal,Still in Duster Scandal,Ballpen Scandal,Yummy Chinita Scandal,Body Massage Scandal

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Masturbation Scandal - With nothing else better to do, and her partner already tired for the just concluded sex act. This lady decided to take things in her hand, err fingers literally! Ivy School Scandal - Both are students of a prestigious school in the Philippines. The girl has braces on her teeth and has her nipples erect. She is very horny, and does most of the work. The guy is of course busy filming the sex act.
Simply the Best Scandal - this video spans several sessions of a sex act. The girl is simply the best, and come to please her bed partner.

Still in Duster Scandal - A duster is a native dress here in the Philippines. Its pretty convenient coz all you have to do is lift the skirt up and you'll have access to vagina heaven.

Massage Therapist Scandal - A massage therapist out on call, doing some extra service.

Ballpen Scandal - Its  a fact that men, needs some time to recuperate after a sex bout, a 5 min rest will do. But when your partner needs your dick for immediate sex action, and its not up to the task an object sometimes replaces it.

San Sebastian Lady Scandal - Allegedly coming from a lady that goes to San Sebastian College. A quick teaser video.

Honey gives the best BJ Scandal - a pretty girl giving her boyfriend a long Blow Job session. One of the few girls who loves giving head

Yummy Chinita Scandal - Fil-Chinese Lady in obvious pain and pleaure, being fucked by a pinoy guy/

Body Massage Scandal - this is a perfect example of a wet thai massage. Instead of hands, they use tits. Now you know how it is in massage parlors.

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