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Criselda Volks Scandal,Dela Salle Scandal New,Another Boarding House Scandal,Avon Scandal,Aya Scandal,Doggie Scandal,Pretty Lady Scandal,Med Rep Scandal,Zara of Olongapo Scandal,sex in Internet Cafe Scandal

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Criselda Volks Scandal - Hottest scandal to hit the Philippines at this time (oct-nov 08). A real celebrity with a very pretty face in her generation. From a movie star, to a high end car sales agent, casino player and now this. The face of the guy who allegedly took this video is likewise captured Dela Salle Scandal New - another alleged scandal coming from the famous university, and just like the first one this is just as hot.
Avon Scandal - Allegedly coming from your favorite avon lady. Another Boarding House Scandal - Rising costs of motels has led this couple to do the deed in her boarding house. On second thought it is really very practical.

Aya Scandal - Aya oh Aya, you're the perfect sex host. Good performance.

Doggie Scandal - Your fave position, is likewise the favorite video position thats usually taken by sex partners.
Pretty Lady Scandal - pretty lady alright but a little cautious, she is keeping her bra on. Maybe she knows that someday this video will be out in the open. Med Rep Scandal - Doubted for long if any existed. Well here it is...and oh there's Adonis (at the end part of the video)!

Zara of Olongapo Scandal - another damsel, and boy is she in trouble coz she just had her name splashed in the internet.  On second thought, it could be a false name, but the sex is good though.

Sex in Internet Cafe Scandal - Hey, owners of internet cafes do you recognize these adventurous couple. This could be your cafe... is the keyboard and seats a little sticky?

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